Eye Associates of Little River
At Eye Associates of Little River, we take pride in caring for our patients. For optimal
medical eye care, an array of technological instruments are needed. We believe you
deserve the best and these devices assist us with your treatment.
Retinal Photography
Retinal Photography & Ocular
Coherence Tomography
Retinal Photography
Ocular Ultrasound
Retinal Photography
Visual Field Testing
Retinal Photography
Corneal Pachymetry
Retinal photographs are taken when a
pathology needs to be documented.
Examples include diabetic retinopathy,
glaucoma, choroidal nevus, macular
degeneration and many more. This is
performed after the doctor has completed
the dilated examination.
This instrument takes a series of
laser-guided scans through the retina or
optic nerve. It is used to document macular
degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic edema,
and many others. It also is performed after
the dilated examination if needed.
An ultrasound is performed when a view of
the retina cannot be obtained. It shows
whether the retina or other structures are
compromised. It is also used to show
intra-orbital foreign bodies and ocular
This test is used to monitor patients with
glaucoma, stroke, traumatic brain injury,
etc. It is also used to document if a patient
has a compromised visual field from
sagging upper eyelids.
This device takes an ultrasound of the
cornea. It gives a thickness measurement
that is used to treat glaucoma, corneal
dystrophies, etc. It is also used to determine
if a patient is a candidate for refractive
surgery such as LASIK or PRK.
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Normal OCT & Macular Degeneration OCT
Ultrasound of orbital tumor
Visual Field after having a stroke
A photo of diabetic retinopathy
Image of a LASIK flap
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